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The fact that I’ll probably never get to see One Direction in concert makes me sad


When i hear 1D’s song on the radio


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This has got to do with the Zux, no I’m not even going to use that name, Zayn and Lux situation. “Lux” knows about it, which means that so do her parents. Zayn knows about it and couldn’t even finish reading it. I couldn’t even attempt to read it and it wasn’t even about me! Could you imagine something so vulgar and disgusting being written about you? And an innocent child is involved? I can imagine the strain happening between Zayn and Lou, and even Lux, because someone has wished to write their horrible thoughts into a story, if you could even call it that, and publish it on the internet. It has hurt so many people. Lux it going to be increasingly withdrawn from the public eye and media now. That could mean so many things, less and less adorable pictures being uploaded onto to twitter, less and less tweets about her from the boys. I can’t even imagine Lux’s mother and father. To have something like that out there, ABOUT THEIR CHILD. They brought her into the world, they could never imagine something like that happening. Imagine if that story was written about your child, or your sister, cousin, friend? I would be horrified. You never know where this could pop up next. Imagine in a few decades time Lux finds it, huh? She finds it and reads it and knows it’s about her and someone who used to be around her all the time. I have never been more disappointed in my life. The fact that it was written absolutely made me want to vomit, but what was worse was the fact that Zayn and Lux’s family knows about it. What if the other boys find it? Or already know about it? It could cause so much damage. Words cannot express how sad I am about this. I am disappointed in this family, but more importantly I am upset on behalf of Lux’s family and the boys. Whoever wrote that story; shame on you. 

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